I have a Canon Powershot A40. It's about a year and a half old, and they have newer more advanced ones, but I like mine.

It's a 2.0 megapixel, which is MORE than enough to put nice shots on a website, or take some promo shots. It's cool, cause it also records videos with sound examples are on my site at: www.joescully.com/video.html and it's the size of a regular camera.

I paid 300.00 I think for it. It's probably worth about 150 now? But, I've been able to use it with my job, and it's paid for itself.

I have an Olympus D-460 Zoom (1.3 megapixel, about 4 years old), and I just got the wife an Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom (4.0 megapixel). That is an awsome camera! 10x optical zoom, takes Quicktime movies with sound, remote control, different settings for action, night shots, etc. Or manual mode if you know what you are doing.

I'm very happy with Olympus cameras. Just make sure you get one with an optical zoom (or optical and digital), not just digital zoom.

Like Scully, I use the D-460 to take pictures at gigs. It's good enough for website shots. If I was doing prints, I would want something with higher megapixels (3 or more), like the C-750.
Oh yeah, that's the worst part...batteries! They go through batteries like candy! Your best investment will be 8 AA batteries (2 sets of 4) and a charger. I've never gone through a set of batteries at one event, but over 2 events....they usually don't make it right through.

Or go to Cosco and get a mega y2K pack of AA batteries.

And go with the Highest megapixel # that you can afford!

Now put the camera down and cue up the next record, this isn't a runway show....ahaha

Scully, very nice website dude!

I like the party photos and videos. "House Consequences" looks and sounds like a game my friends and I play. Except we call it "Lucky Sevens". Basically, you get the dice, call out a dare (usually involves nekkidness, grossness, or both), and if you roll seven, you do it. You have to raise the stakes, though, after each roll of seven. This is usually a late-night game, after several rounds of Three-Man and Flip Cup.
thanks Billabong! I had to take the club pics off, as I was working at a Dance music station and left to go to a Country music station...and all the shots had nakedness and station logos and such! Not a good fit...hehe... 'Course, you could e-mail me, and I could send you the link to the nakedness.....
I haven't updated the site since June, I think it's time.
And the game is 3-man...good call!
We started playing Consequence Jenga too, but it got tiring...we've now seen the whole group naked more times than need be...

For Christmas I got the Kodak LS443 all I can say is WOW, easy to use, 4.0MP, fast, quiet, you can plug it directly into your TV, takes video, good software.....JUST AWESOME!!!!!

As for the battery, well it comes with a rechargeable lithium. I took it away one weekend, used it for 48 hours straight and it had only used one third of the battery, it recharged in like 30 minutes. Love it.

ROQ out.
I'll third the motion on batteries. They do eat them up, especially with the flash.

Mine came with NiMH rechargables, but I'm on the lookout for Lithium rechargables. Like ROQ said, the Li-Ions give much better life, and don't have a 'memory' like the NiMH or NiCads (you don't have to run Li-Ions completely down to recharge them).

...we've now seen the whole group naked more times than need be...

Yep, know the feeling Wink

Another thing, DJ_RAY (and everyone else), do NOT leave your camera lying around at parties (personal, not work-related). You'll never know what will end up on there.... Eeker
lets see if i can remember the Digital Camera off of the top of my head here...

Sony CD Mavica - 250

· It has a 300 minute battery life
· Uses Mini CD-R/RW - 210MB or the 175MB
· A 2.0 or 2.5 mega pixel
· Can hold up to 1900 pictures on lowest resolution, @ 640x680
· Has the ability to make little mpegs, or those AVI movies
· Sound equipped for movies
· 5 different color modes, with 5 effects
· 16x zoom

so yeah, thats a lot of sh**, err poo Razzer

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