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Hello all, first time posting. I've been using mydmx for about 3 months now and have gotten some awesome response from crowd on my lighting show. I play guitar and control light show via behringer 1010 and its super easy.
My band mostly plays the same 5 clubs/venues (every 6 weeks or so). Certain venues (smaller clubs) I may only use half my lights, other venues I use all my lights and they aren't in the same position as they are in smaller clubs, meaning moving heads on stage floor as opposed to on truss.

So My question is how do I save different lighting show setups so the lights gets repositioned for each venue? bcz right now my 3d visualizer puts my lights in the last position I had them on my computer regards of which file I open. I'd like to just build a show for each venue and position the lights when I'd put them onstage, create the scenes/shows etc and have the lights in that position each time I open the file for that venue.
I hope what I'm asking makes sense.

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You need to make a new stage for each venue. You can also choose which lights to display or not.

That will resolve your issue.

You can also take it a step further and have a different universe for each venue, but that's not totally necessary and requires most likely for you to reprogram the whole show.

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