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I work for a local Event Center that will seat about 250 people with Dance Floor and Small Stage in our Downtown area.

The Owner has purchased 2 DEKKER LED Dek 400 Units that were functioning fine until yesterday.

The problem is that the LED, I guess you cann it bulb, will spin, however, the LEDs will not light.

This Unit was not used with a DMX Controller but rather with the Mode Buttons on the back of the unit and he has tried different setting to try and get the LEDs to come on.

Any Suggestions?

Thank You
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WEll, movement means it is not a fuse. So it's getting power. I find it ODD that both lights would behave the same. I am wondering if you threw them into master/slave and forgot to connect a master, or rather, one is not set as a master.

First, I would say if you can get a DMX controller(a loaner preferably), use that to ensure it's not another functioning problem. With full control via DMX, you can start troubleshooting with a bit more refinement.

Also, if you can find a maste reset, use it.

Short of that, set them both to full stand-alone mode, and ensure they are both masters. Don't use any signal cable between them. I take it these are sound active in stand alone mode. Put the light on the ground but mounted in a position where no moving parts can be blocked, and do one of the following:
Stomp or clap loudly.
Tap the unit with your hand. NOT hard, just enough to trigger the microphone.
Put your thumb/finger/other body part that can block the microphone and turn the sensitivity all the way up. This causes the mic to work continiously and will make the light do all sorts of stuff on its own. Nothing bad, mind you, just non-stop.

It's also possible that there's another problem. Try these things and if no results, call service ASAP. They may be able to direct you how to resolve this over the phone. Short of that, it might need servicing. I just get suspicious when two lights go and do the same failure at the same time. I don't mean suspicius in a way that indicates I think you did something wrong. Suspicious as in "I think something is being overlooked and once addressed, may resolve the issue". Yeah, human error.

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