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I bought a DCD-Pro210 Cd player at the beginning of November and it is having some serious problems. From the beginning it had difficulty reading any cds, including brand new retail cds. Sometimes the deck will take a couple minutes before it will read the cd and be ready to play. Other times it will just say no disc even if there is a disc loaded properly in the drive. The unit seems to be faulty, it does this more so with the left unit then the right, but both units have done it. The cd player is mounted in an SKB 8 over 4 case with the cd drives on the bottom of the 4 units level, and the control unit is mounted above my mixer in the 8 unit space on top. Changing the angle on the drive does not seem to effect if it will read or not and removing it from the case does not effect it either. I have checked the cables and all are in securely and have no broken pins, switching the control cables so that the left control is on the right deck and visa versa results in the problem switching display units (ie the error reading is still on the same drive). What is the matter with this thing?
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I havent had any problems with mine, it plays what ever goes in. I love the darn thing.

Did u try cleanin it with a cd cleanin kit that has the little brush and u put some liquid on it? I did that on my old cd player like 3 years ago and it screwed up the lazer inside and it was doin the same thing as urs.

Give Support a call and they'll help you out.
Sent it in for repair, they realligned the laser or something like that. It worked fine for about 2 discs and then continued it's old problem so really I'm assuming it was never fixed since the problem was intermittent to begin with. I'm extremely dissapointed with the unit, not only do I have a faulty unit but they didn't even repair it. What do I have to do to get a working unit?
In response to your question on another forum, no I am not an "employee", just a person with good connections, and a moderator (volunteer) on this forum. Where did you purchase the unit? In the US? Where was it sent again for those repairs? And do you have a RA# from that repair? PM me all the details, and I will get it to the right people, to get you taken care of. I know you are in Canada, but I'll see how I can help.

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