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I recently purchased a brand new D-Light Sync Pak for home use and I think it's awesome! I do have one issue with it, though. It seems the mechanism inside squeaks. This occurs in both fixtures. That is, when the mechanism moves, it it needs lubrication or something.

The manual says there are no user-serviceable parts, inside, but it would seem to me that some silicone lubricant should fix the problem.

Has anyone had this issue, before? Any suggestions, besides making the music louder? LOL
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Might be normal. Run them a bit longer and see if it "resolves" itself.

My moving head fixtures still make noise when moving, but I can tell it's the motors, which is what I would expect to hear. I don't think that's at all what you're talking about. Squeaking doesn't sound anything like motor noise.

I would contact service after running the fixtures some more. If they fixtures are still squeaking after more run-time, see what they recommend for any sort of lubricant or possible things to examine. Just have your fixtures nearby and maybe some basic tools to crack the fixture open under advisement.

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