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I'm setting up a custom fixture, par light, that shares fade and strobe on channel 1. I want to setup so I have two sliders, one on channel 1, values 0-127 and a second on channel 1, values 128 to 255. When I set up a custom fixture and enter the values the slider always show 0-255, I can't see how to limit the value.
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ok here is a pic. now you will see three things highlighted in yellow, the first one is the new button. you will want to click that to make multiple presets per channel or per set of dmx traits.

Now once you hit "New" a window will pop up and then from there you will be able to select your lowest and highest dmx values for that preset. simply click on the arrows next to the boxes and the numbers will expand. once your done hit "OK" and it should be ok. Let me know if this make sense to you or not. Thanks.
Thanks James, I got to that point. The fade values are 128 to 255 on channel one. I set my first DMX level to 128 and last to 255. When I add the fixture in myDMX channel one starts at the bottom at 0 and ends at 255. If the slider is all the way up and I click below it the slider will return to the 128 level as almost a bookmark. But I can't drag the slider down without it hitting below 128 and then the light flashes.
Also, looks like you're a developer, any way to double click or some other shortcut to take the slider right to the top or bottom?

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