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Ok, First let me introduce myself. My name is Joe. I am going to be doing some DJ work very soon. I have been working as a DJ's assistant for a company with a few DJ's for a while. I have decideded I want to work for myself and make some money finally. I have seen what alot of guys run with but, frankly I've seen so many lights it makes my head spin.

Lets assume that my main gig was a wedding and so I would need a compliment of lights that would work well for that type of event.

I am pretty sure I have settled on a 10ft crank up truss setup. That gives me ample room to work with. for starters I was going to get:

2 LED Sparkles for slow dancing

4 X-Scan LED's for High energy dance music

What else would you guys suggest. Let us also assume that I have not picked out light switches or controllers nor for the board or the top of the truss.

Thanks guys,

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hey joe welcome to the forums. If your going all DMX lights you won't need any switches. But if you plan on using a disco ball or any traditional par Cans then you will need a dimmer/switch pack. For controllers I really like my software lighting controllers like my dmx and compu live. But those are just my choices. If you have any more questions please feel free to post them. Sincerely,
Yea I was thinking about getting a magic 260 for a lighting controller. might be a little overkill for a n00b but I'll grow into it I suppose. What else would you suggest for a lightshow even if it's an analogish type of light to keep things interesting on the dance floor. I dont want to lean on the x-scans and the sparkles too much.
Im a mobile Swedish DJ playing for 40-1000 persons.
I use:
-1 REVOIII - Centerpiece
-2 Dual GEM LED on each side
-1 Mirrorball 20cm with a Pinspot right over me
-4 PAR 64 LED with a DMX-mixer 2 at each side
-DJ Stand a tbale and a Lightningstand in the same contrusction The topbar are change to a 50mm 2,2 meter Alupipe to fit standard.
I really recommend you to buy REVOIII or the new Quad GEM LED

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