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This posting to comments stuff got old fast.

Here's your advise: You're not together yet. PUSH HARDER.

Align up one side (1 i-beam truss segment)with the bolts(the big ones) and the inner pipe. Put the bolts in, tighten so they won't come out.

Now, put the T on. LOOSEN IT UP. In fact, take the bolts out of the cross-piece and use a flathead screwdriver(large) to wedge the opening FURTHER OPEN if necessary. Repeat top/bottom. Or, hell, remove screw and nut, place nut between the two tabs to force an opening. Do this on both tabs on both T's(the T-section that goes through). Put as far as you can towards the large bolts holding the inner support pipe in place.

Now, slide the other i-beam into position. This is a pain in the butt and is going to take a bit of time. If you have safety straps, use those to help cince it together SLOWLY. Or a large rubber mallet, but don't go wailing away like a maniac, be deliberate, but intentional and gentle.

Once the ends of the i-beams meet, you'll be fine. Get a friend to help, it goes way easier. Well, easier. If you can do it, don't take it back apart when you're done. I HATE doing that!! That's why I leave mine together.

This is a common problem.

Simply put, if it lined up before, then the i-beam trussing is fine. If it's not lining up later, then YOU'RE NOT THERE YET!!
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lol...ok, Chris.

I just didn't think that I'd have to pry the T-connector(s) open-wide so much. I expected it to fit around the outer tubing without forcing it so much.
I observed that it is designed to fit the inner connector tube and inner telescopic tubing on the actual crank stands diameter moreso than the horizontal I-Beam outer tubing. It just seems to require an overly aggressive force to make it work as the assembly pictures and diagrams show.
I'll give it another try and thanks much for the response!
Yeah, it's a super tight fit. I don't suspect "tolerances", but rather a "lack of tolerances".

I end up putting the "more assembled half" together, then sliding the other half into it a bit. I then end up taking the whole thing vertical and tapping down until it all fits together.

There are two T sizes though. The one with the pass-thru(the cross-bar of the T) should be SMOOTH inside, while the ones intended to grip the telescoping pole of the Crank-2 should have vertical "ribs" in it, going from one side to the other.

It is a total pain in the butt. That's why I don't disassemble my trusses unless I absolutely have to. I'll take the T's off the end to save a bit of space, but nothing comes off the center.

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