hi, i once read a post in this room about someone wanting to clean up their crabs, well i found a solution that i know some of you might have thought of already. what you do is put a bolt in the mounting hole on your mixer then put a rubber band around it and the other end of the rubber band under the crossfader knob make sure that it is tight. try doing a crab for at least 1 minute, it will be hard to do and it won't sound right but when you take the rubber band off you will fell and hear the difference right away it will sound sharp and clean. try it and tell me what you think.

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A crab scratch is a technique that you do with 4 fingers. It is performed on the fader not on the record. It is like transforming but done even faster. You start with your pinky all the way to your index finger.

The Crab Scratch was popularized by DJ Q-Bert, this is a three-click flare scratch using a drumming motion of 3 to 4 fingers ( depending on the scratcher ) on the crossfader to create faster, syncopated sound.

If there is more information you would like to know please post. Thank you!
You can do a crab scratch on a freakin cassette player, It's a fader trick, ok maybe not on a cassette player, but it's a quick finger fader trick, doesn't matter if you use cd or tt.
OK once again.. it's a freaken Fader trick! If you can hook up your fart to a mixer and then Fart really really loud, then you can crab your farts! Cool eh?? Smiler Big Grin
hmmm Fart Crabs. . . . . yikes! That can't be fun. No sir no way. Wink
Fart Crabs..??? Wow I really must be in the wrong room now...LOL...i dont think fart and crabs go well together in one sentence..

Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
my fingers are moving right, but my thumb doesnt move everytime. So Sometimes i might be doing the crabbing motion with the 4 fingers, but thumb stays in place so the fader doesnt really move that much. It's kinda hard to describe... anybody know what im talking about? any advice?
The thumb is not supposed to move at all.. you just have to apply the right pressure for your fingers to move the fader while your thumb holds it in place. The only pressure you should use on your thumb is to allow the fader to return to it's original point ( THE BEGINING ). Your Fingers 3 or 4 should create the crab, and your thumb will help them, they all work together.

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