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We are a 7 piece dance band that currently have two light trees with 6 PAR38 cans(w/gels) w/150W lamps on one tree and 7 PAR38 cans (w/gels) w/150W lamps on the other set up at each end of the stage. Most stages we play on are no longer than 25 feet wide and 12 feet deep.

We would like to move to LED fixtures and want about 20% more lighting. Does it make sense to use lamps and LED? Can LED provide sufficient light?

Option 1
Replace the current 150w lamps with LED lamps (like the LLPAR 38 LED multiple colors), add dimmer packs and a DMX controller.

How do the LLPAR 38 LED's compare to a 150w lamp?

Option 2
Replace all or part of the current setup and go with LLPAR 38's, LED punch Pro or PAR64 Pro's (or a combination)and utilize a DMX controller and/or dimmer pack.

Can anyone offer some recommendations? would like to keep the costs under $1800...

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Dan welcome to the forums. sorry i didn't respond right away i was thinking about your questions. if your looking to replace all your pars with leds i would definitely go with a combination of punch pros and p64 Pro's. But if you go all led and dmx you do not need a dimmer pack. never plug a DMX fixture into a dimmer pack. the circuit boards cannot handle the wattage going up and down like that it will ruin your fixture. just a lol F.Y.I. let me know if i missed anything. Sincerely,
I think we are going with a Punch Pro LED and a 64B Pro LED on each side of the band setup with a Moon Flower from behind(centered). Will be using an Operator 192 DMX controller. Can you recommend a Moon Flower that provides wide coverage and excellent brightness?

Let me know if you think this will be sufficient coverage...
I would like to go with the best setup. You believe that (4) 64 Pros is better, that is what we will go with. Will that provide sufficent coverage for a 15x25 ft. stage or are we cutting it close? I chose the Punch Pro because I thought it would provide better coverage...

I looked at the Quad Gem. It indicates that it is the equivalent of 4 250W halogen bulbs. Sounds viable to me.

One other separate item, I was thinking maybe we could create a tree with four of our old PAR38 fixtures with your LLPAR LED lamps, hook up a Dimmer Pack and then run through the DMX Controller. Is that feasible or recommended?

I appreciate your wisdom and support.
well another question is how high is your tree going to be? I'm fairly certain that at 8-10 feet you will get a nice bean spread with 4 led pros plus the punches and the led bulbs with a dimmer pack. That will be a nice rig. I think your set to go. I'm not too sure how all that will fit on your budget but I would really try to make it work. Let me know if you need anything else. Oh also if you need help with the DMX OP I can help with that. Sincerely,

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