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The connection to my wifi only works for me when MyDMX Go is connected to the ntebook. Not otherwise. What am I doing wrong?

- I will connect via USB to the HW manager
- I will set WiFi mode "Station"
- I'll connect to my wifi.
- I disconnect from USB and plug into the USB power adapter
- I'll wait 20 sec.
- But it won't connect to my wifi now.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the help.


I am trying to accomplish this same set-up configuration. My stage is very crowded with 2.4GHz signals and I get dropout when using myDMX GO directly connected to the MDG interface WIFI.

I was also able to get the interface to work in Station mode by setting the router WIFI network password using Hardware Manager, but the interface does not retain the router network password after a power cycle. It does work as a Station and connects to both myDMX GO and Light Rider if I do as you described; close the Hardware Manager and do not disconnect the interface from the computer to keep the interface powered. If I disconnect it and try to use the supplied power adapter, it does not connect to the router WIFI. I confirmed the password is not saved by reconnecting the interface to the Hardware Manager and checking the Station page, where I need to re-enter the password.

Is there any way to get the myDMX GO interface to store the WIFI router network password without having to bring a computer to each show just to set a password and supply power to the interface? Or maybe I need to enter specific IP addressing information on the Station page of the Hardware Manager?


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