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Colorshot won't work as master / just flashes forever / doesnt work with sound

I am having trouble with my American DJ Color shot lights. I have four
of them, connected. One as Master, the other as slave. This worked for
a long time, but now when I turn them on it just flashes wildly. No
changing of settings can fix this no matter what I do in the world.

Am I screwed? No matter which of the four lights I set to master: they
just flash wildly. They no longer respond to sound: just flashing and
flashing and flashing.

I also have a DMX controller but those things are absolute crap since
they cannot really do sound to light: so now that every single one of
the four lights I purchased have failed in the same way it seems that
I am out of luck.

Why does this product fail in this way: and why do you not have one
DMX controller with mic input where I can just hook it up and set it
to "automatic chase, built in, for colorshot -- responding to the
sound from the DMX microphone". That would be a work around but you
don't have that either.
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