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I have the fogstorm 1200 and the cleaning solution, and i think it's about time i cleaned it. I'm not really sure how to go about this though. I guess i should empty the tank of all the remaining fog fluid and then pour in the cleaner, but i'm not sure how much to use.
Some people said to let it run through, so does this mean to plug it in and let it warm up? Should I push the fog button?
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Yes, you should empty the reservoir of all the remaining fog fluid. You would then pour in a few ounces of the cleaner.

The purpose of the cleaner is to break down and clear possible mineral deposits on the heater in the machine. Do you this you must heat the machine and run the fluid through (by pushing the fog button... just as if there was fog juice present) I generally run it through for about a minute or so. I'm not sure about your particular cleaner, but most likely it will vaporize and put out a slightly visible mist from the nozzle.

Note that the cleaner won't "fix" all fog machine problems. It can help, but if you're heater is badly clogged you have to A: Remove the heating element and hand clean it. (This isn't possible on cheaper machines) B: Send it in for repair.

Make sure you re-fill the reservoir with fresh fog fluid after you are done and run a bit of it through the machine to �prime� it.


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