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composites can take more of a beating than metal can. Metal bends and can intrude on the internal components and can also impede the movement of the fixture. composites will maintain shape even if cracked. This is why bumper covers on cars are made out of urethane now rather than metal. It cost more for the urethane plastic but its cheaper in the long run for the consumer because it can take a beating more than metal.

A MX-4 falling from 15feet will prolly survive in one piece but something is prolly broken inside. i have 2 and they are tuff but the shock of hitting the ground from 15feet is prolly a little too mcuh.

Tell your client that he/she needs to use safety cables. A 20bls fixture falling from that high is not a good thing to have hit some one.
Originally posted by deej__millz:
[qb]of course it can, just today i got a call from a client sayin one of his mx4's fell and from what i understand, they had the bar backs cleaning the lights and they somehow dropped one 15 feet to the floor....i havnt seen it yet...but they said its in pieces Red Face [/qb]

Thats why you buy safety cables! Big Grin
Yea well i was working on show, i was standing on a 50 foot lader, trying to install a "high end" Trackspot for the ucsd break dance concert when all the suden i felt the light slip out of my hands, and it was on its way down, at the last second i jumped down below it and caught it, it should have broken my arm, yep thats my DJ SWAT ACTION at work! Dang, those lights are 30 pounds at least. Why cant ucsd get a motor to just lower the whole "dang" Truss?????

Raise your hand if you would carry a moving head by the head!

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