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I learned that the my dmx go software won't automatically run the motor, laser, laser motor, or the strobe lights on the Kinta FX. I used the proper profile for the fixture, I know this because I can manually manage all of the channels I can turn on the laser strobe and both motors manually. However I cannot create a preset that will turn the motor on or to a specific value. 

My questions are,

Is it possible to create a profile that will run the motor off a different channel?

Or is it possible to preset the value of the motor to run on say one preset and go back to 0 value on another preset?

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Hi, once you manually manipulate a channel in the fixture side of the app and then you store a preset, that channels level should be stored in the preset. 

At its core the MyDMX GO is intended mostly for RGB and pan and tilt moving lights or color mixing pars. so derby's and multi effects lights and lasers are not well suited to be ran on this app if you didn't want to worry about messing with DMX channels. 

Thanks for the reply. I did notice I can change the values manually and then save the preset. However it seams like you can't actually store the motors value. This seams to be the same for laser and it's motor and the strobe effects. 

I guess there is no real way too have the motor ran without going to the fixture and adjusting the value by hand. Bummer I bought 2 of these lights thinking I would have better control with this software and interface.


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