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When i use the effects generator clicking on certain tick boxes in the assigned channels drop down seems to be mapped to random features of my fixtures. They certainly dont tie up with whats suggested in the tick boxes...

is this something i can alter or is this mydmx acting up?

i have both dec14 & june15 builds of mydmx and they exhibit the same issues in the generator..

such as when i select tilt or pan the light fixture goes out... why would the lamp go out if it was on before i went into the generator, and then selected pan... this should be mapped to the panning feature of my barrel fixture. tilt seems to control the barrel rotation which is fair enough...

in one of the images attached it says 'intimidator 300 mj1 Beam 0 and the same for my second fixture...

why does this fixture suggest its the beam that i want to effect from the drop down (attached jpg)...?

is this a known issue for mac users - seems odd that its carried over from the earlier dec14 build.

Many thanks for the fixture library - its proved really handy in correcting some errors in profiles i have for other fixtures.

any advice here would be really helpful so i can make the most of these barrel scanners!
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