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the profile for the intim. 1.0 doesn't appear to be the same as the capabilities of the fixture. MyDMX has it set for 4 channels (wich im sure is correct) MyDMX isn't showing color change at all. note: in real time the fixture does change colors as you scroll through the gobos

in stand alone mode the fixture seems to have your standard color possabilities, but i dont know if the colors are interchangable.. meaning , can you make the heart gobo green instead of red. i realize it's a lower line model with limited options, but im just curious.

also :0, i cannot figure out the dip switches. i'm sure it's not some alien technology but i simply don't understand how to set up the addresses for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fixture in the daisy chain. i have the first intimidator with just the the #1 switched on and that seems to do it. but the next ones in line are a mystery. it was getting late so maybe i wasn't understanding the fixtures manual. i just set them all to #1 and they all work in unison. but i would like to seperate them. thanx for any help you can give this newbie..

p.s. this is the first of many questions. i will search the forum for answers before bothering you too much
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DIP switches:
1: 0 or 1
2: 0 or 2
3: 0 or 4
4: 0 or 8
5: 0 or 16
6: 0 or 32
7: 0 or 64
8: 0 or 128
9: 0 or 256
10 is often reserved.

Add them up, flip to the combinatin that gets you where you need to be.

Go to your set-up window, click your fixture, and if you've done your assignment in MyDMX, it will tell you how to set your DIP switches.

I have the Intimidator Color. not sure if they are the same as the 1.0. My profile works fine. I forget if I made my own or not, I think I did. I can't recall. It does show what the light does.
First off, it appears the Intimidator Color's that I have and the Intimidator 1.0's that you have are not even close to the same fixtures based on your descrption. Doesn't mean all my advise is invalid, but it means I can't directly relate.

Channel 1 is Gobo, so we can expect the 3D Visualizer to show the gobo changes based on how the profile is set up. Shutter is kind of strange, but it is supported, so taht's fine. 3 and 4 are axis, so you're referring to X and Y values?

Dip Switches: Right, 1 and 3 ON will give you 5. All odd numbers will have 1 ON.

I think you're in need of a proper profile for your fixture if one is not included with either the latest MyDMX OR in the additional downloads. Make sure you are running the latest MyDMX build(March 2009) and if you need or are missing profiles, get the applicable download and check there first as it may save you some time if it's been done before.
what happens is this. i fingured it out.....ok the gobos have assigned colors. meaning its a cheaper fixture. wich is a bit of a pain. because as you slide up channel 1 (gobo)it goes through the gobos and each gobo has only 1 color available for it. the 3d viz shows all white gobos with no change. but i havent really been using the 3dvz. i have the real thing hanging on truss in the ol' garagee.
im very green to this. ive been hangin out side stage on a moniter board and a 48 channel elation , tap sink, slide a slder and the chase is away. untill about 3 weeks ago i didn't even know scanner, droids etc. took up more than one channel. so MyDMX is been great for me so far.we have a pretty good medium concert rigg with plenty o pars (by the way are those original srm 450's or the newer ones)so, we have 4 scanners and 2 droids just chillin so i figured i'd better start learning to talk to them . its a start but hopefully after some time MyDMX training i can stepp a little closer to more expensive stuff. i have more questions so i'll be on here often for the first few months.. thanx 4 everything suh farr

One of the many reasons I am sticking with ADJ going forward.

My Intimidator colors are merely color changers with strobe. Color wheel, dimming, some speed stuff and strobe, that's about it. Works great. my Q-Spot 150's have sepparate color wheels and gobo wheels, plus a glass gobo.

The latest SRM450's sound like ass. The previous generation of Chinese ones also sounded like ass. The only good ones are the older Italian made ones with Italian made RCF drivers. There IS a difference!

Mackie is sliding down the drain right now. They just gotta get a few more smacks in the face before they snap out of it and go back to what make them so good in the first place. Just too much off-shore work done using substandard parts. Just because an item is up to spec doesn't mean it is up to snuff.
not to get too far off subject to the forum, but yea we are done with mackie. we have 1 original srm450(bought 2001 or so) and 1 active 18 ....long story behind why we dont have 2 srms... but yea we are trying to get our hands on another old one. rite now we just use the 18 and the 450 for drum monitering. we also have 2 mains i cant remember the model but bought at the same time. they arent really part of our working system rite now. the driver went out and you have to replace the wave guide that they dont make any to match the speakers we have to replace both mains with the new style wave guides ... it sucks .
Well, unfortunately it's so true that "they don't make them like they used to".

I use an SRM450(I have 6 of the original ones) and an SRS1500A sub for drom monintor. Kicks butt.

Even in lighting, they just don't make them the way they used to. Any brand, they all have such type of issues. I'm just thankful ADJ has worked hard to maintain quality evne at good costs.

It seems a lot of companies want to quickly move on once a new model is released. Now that you have to replace the wave style guides, you may also have to have a new phase plug made, but at the minimum your coverage pattern has been altered. This should have been as you hinted it: drive blown, let me replace the drive. It should have been a little down time with a screwdriver and some patience and all taken care of relatively easily.

Not to knock Chauvet, but in general they often offer more colors or features than the ADJ equivalent for less money. I mean, they can and do it. But is it necessary? For people shopping via price only, sure. But, I have had to take my own advice and look at the bigger picture. Once I started doing that, ADJ was my easy decision. Yes, a lot of this stuff is commodity type stuff. But sometimes there is more than just the price.

Now, back onto Chauvet again, I just find it odd that they would keep re-using the same names over and over BUT for different fixtures that aren't even like fixtures. Just makes no sense. But hey, often times, marketting people just exist in their own universe.

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