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I'm a long time user of VDJ and own the Pro version of the program so I now the features inside and out. I own a Numark Mixdeck, a Numark IMix3 and a Bose T1 so I understand the basic concepts of hooking up audio equipment to midi devices, etc.

Wanting the latest gear as well as the flexibility to go analog with backup gear, I recently purchased the VMS4.1 and while I was able to install all of the software and drivers and was able to hook up the VMS4.1 to my speakers and get great sound. There is one feature in VDJ that doesn't seem to work as it should. I'm hoping that the problem is just me.

I spoke to a tech via phone at AA and he tried a few settings with me and finally he suggested that I contact Atomix support since we were able to prove that the hardware hookups seem to be correct.

I was on the chat with Automix for two hours today. The tech was working though my settings remotely and we finally got everything working. He was in a hurry to leave so before I could ask him to let me try some live cueing & pre-listening actions, he clicked off. I had a sinking feeling that things might still not work.

Before turning everything off, for the next 30 minutes I tried every possible live listening sequence I've ever used while giging and everything worked fine.

I was able to:

1. Load a track onto deck 2 & play through master out
2. Cue a 2nd track on deck 3 (and monitor this deck through headphones)
3. Use the Pre-listen player through deck 1(The little ICON positioned at the bottom of the "Side List Pane") to listen to a searched song in my search pane
4. Used Pre-listen player to listen to a song in my side list without audio coming out of master
5. used pre-listen to listen to a song in my programed playlist without audio out of master
6. used pre-listen to listen to a song in a previous gig history file

I wrote all of the setting down (Basically setting the mixer to use all 4 channels and using channel 1 to hear the pre-listen player. My normal setup would be a two player set-up (Ch 2&3) with (Ch 1&4) reserved for backup devices.

I turned everything off, powered everything back on without changing any settings in VDJ or to the VMS4.1.

I was back to square 1. The pre-listen track player was playing the track from both the mains and the headphones.

Can someone please offer some suggestions
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Hi DJ - Freshfluke and thanks for your suggestion.

Sadly, after not being able to get the unit working after a week of telephone conversations with both American Audio and VDJ support and scouring the forums and the internet for fixes, I've given up and have sent the unit back.

I was soooo...hoping that this unit would be the solution I've been looking for, a versatile small (In size only) solidly built mixer. The Vms4 1 fit the bill completely but because either something I'm missing in the setup is wrong or perhaps the unit I was sent is defective, I've lost faith in the specific unit I was sent. Not to mention that the power pack include with the unit didn't power the unit at all and I was told it would take 5-10 business days to receive another one. This was unacceptable. For the price I paid i should have been shipped one over night. Anyway, I'm done with it and have sent the unit back and still haven't received the power unit.

I liked the look and feel of the VMS4.1 and can really see the potential in using it, but for me, It just wasn't to be so... I'm bummed.

Thanks again.

DJ Lee

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