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hey all, this is unrelated to direct lighting but i am using adj lights so that is my excuse for putting this in here so here goes: i have 1 more chase to fill and a no more than 4 banks aswell, but i have a total of 47 scenes that are still empty. so i was just wondering if anybody could reccommend a good song to program too? here is what i have so far: from creed i have done bulletts,weathered. from 3 doors down i have done: here without you, when im gone, krptonite, not enough, my fathers son, and lastly where i belong. if anybody could reccommend a song that i should try to program to from creed or 3 doors down or nickelback or any good rock band please say so in the next post. thanks everybody! sincerly jingles! p.s. due to only having 240 scenes in the chase the songs need to be no more than 3 minutes and 45 seconds long. or maybe 4 mins.
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If you need some rock song ideas...personally I like :

Alter Bridge- "Shed My Skin", "The End Is Here"
Sevendust- "Angel Song" "Follow"
Chevelle- "Vitamin R"

I don't know if that is what you are asking. Those are some songs that I dig. Those songs and artist. I have to change my style up once and a while and I like zoning with those artist.
yeah alter bridge is cool! and bill i don't believe i have that korn cd. is it the newer one? that is the only one i have is the newer korn! i might be able to burn it somwhere! also p.s. i got the led and it is on the floor right next to my drums but kinda tucked underneath a tom (drum) and the scanner is overhead and the two of them together look great! if i get the chance i will post some pics here. thanks everybody. the alterbridge one is the more likely one i will pick. peace out jingles!

p.s. to tigersharc i can drum to both of those and almost all of alter bridge's stuff. it is fun.

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