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I actually have a couple of questions. I have a small "sound for hire" company. Normally, I work live bands at various venues around the area.

I recently acquired some used ADJ P64 from a store front church that "failed". I also picked up a couple of P64 LED fixtures from another source (more about that later).

My DMX512 dimmer controller is the Stage Setter 24. As I recall, the P-64 all operate on channels 9-14 (from memory, I could be wrong). We did not establish the channels on the P-64 LED, the fixtures were already programmed to those channels.

Because the Stage Setter has two row of 12 channel faders, I would like to move all the P-64 LED to the second bank of faders, leaving the first 12 faders for my conventional Par fixtures.

Question 1:
Can I change the DMX channels that control the P-64 functions? If so, how?


As for the "other" P-64 LED fixtures. The salesman at the mega music center in Oklahoma City (yes, I know, "never believe a salesman") told me that the lights were ADJ relabeled products sold under the brand name for that chain store.

When operating the "mixed brand" P-64 LED fixtures, the "ADJ" branded models change a split second prior to the "other" brand name models.

I have four ADJ and two "others". I put three ADJ on one tree and the remaining lights on the second tree. It is disconcerting that the two "others" change together and the one ADJ on that stand changes "early" compared to the "others". In reality, that one fixture simply changes in synch with the other ADJ fixtures.

And yes, we have dip switch "4" engaged.

Question 2:
Is this an operator error or is there some other explanation?

Thanks for your replies.
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