Hi everyone, i am new here and to de Djing world ... i jus bought 2 ps2z n qd5 about 2 weeks ago and i just cant seem to figure out how to view the BPM Confused in that i ave been bangning my head on de amazing machine for soo long Confused and cant seem to get beatmixing right. I know i need practise but a little help from the pros here would help a lot. Smiler
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hey! welcome to the board, its funny you shuld bring up da topic b/c we just had a discussion on it a couple of weeks ago. u can view it by clicking here.

also, be sure to try out search feature, to help you find a ton of cool info on da ps2. Big Grin
Hmm... you shouldn't have to have a BPM counter to beat mix. I recommend you learn how to do it with out any bpm counter becuase its a skill that DJ's have to know how to do no matter what the condition. (depending on what kind of DJing you do).

I recommend practicing using clipuptags method.
Put two of the same song in, and match them up. Once you get that down, pitch one player up or down (try not to remember how much you pitched it, just throw the slider some way) and let it play. In your haedphones with your eyes closed try and match the pitch. On the ps2's the bop fuction might help so you can quickly return to the cue on the beat. Once you think you have the pitch about right, either bop the cue point or spin the jog dial till your mix is on. You can even tap the pitch + or - buttons till you have your beats matched.

After that try with other material.

I caught on pretty quick doing this over and over and over.
yea i ave been trying out the manual way ... i am getting de hang of it(I think) ... but as i got a gig already ... tommrow monday ... i didnt wanna screw it up!
anyway thanx for de advice
it's not my method, it's just A method of learning and since you are using the exact same song, you should easily be able to find it. . . .but it's patience and practice overall that will help you become better. BPM counters are not always right, and can actually affect your beatmixing more than you think, just work at it, it's not an overnight thing. . . it's all counting, and knowing your music.
and to think i got a gig like soo soon!!! now what to do .....except practise all night today... i never thought DJin could be kinda hard. I will die when it comes to scraching part. GOd i wonder how DJ Skillz does his stuff. Anything he does comes out great. Anything i do comes out ****.
I tell you our secrets. Practicing! Smiler Smiler if you can't get it keep trying until you do. Never give up and never quit. We are always here to back you up too.
It's not "hard", it's something you have to really want to do and something you have a passion for to do it well. Speak to sean about something like this, and I would agree with him that doing a smaller more intimate gig, where everyone appreciates your music, is harder than doing a gig for 3000 brainwashed radio listeners who don't care about anything but hearing what they just heard 10 minutes ago. . . .if you aren't ready to handle parties, why book gigs? And what type of gigs are you booking? Do you think that everyone there will know what mixing is supposed to sound like?

As for SKILZ, he practices daily, and I honestly can't tell you how much, but I'd say one hour of video gaming for every 2 hours of practice.
You guys accutally make me wanna practise ... that is unsual cos i dont even practise maths n get A* always Cool ... guys are nice n persuasive ... probally this is best fourm i have been in ...
Does anyone have a beginners toural somewhere which i can get?
Thanx a lot mates! Smiler
YOu people are de best! Wink

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