I'm in a battle using the ps2 and the psx against some other brand turntables at the end of september..

I was wanting to know if there were any american dj or american audio banners or t-shirts or hats I could get or borrow for this show...the show is in Texas and then I will be doing one at ISU in Illinios In November..

Just want to represent American dj

Thanks for the input
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I want to take a minute to thank john and Dj Skilz for hooking me up with some dope Amd stuff to show out at a local dj battle. Not only will this let everyone know where i'm comin from with the ps2,psx and the AMD T/T (american dj) but will also be going back to my home town at ISU!!! There I will be turning out 4 club dates representing the good ol' American Dj Brand!! MY INTRO IS....



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