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Hi guys, I'm new here but I was sent here by everyone I asked for adviceSmiler

We are putting together a small window display and want the window to have a glow that color changes or fades through various colors.

The window is about 6" high and 3" wide.

Some have suggetsed a American DJ Mega Bar LED or an American DJ LED Color Tube but I'm unsure if the color tube will throw enough light out?

Whatever we get needs to control itself as it will be connected to the mains on a timer unit.

Hope you can help?

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Either should work OK, or a MegaPanel, but that might be too bright. One of the issues you need to concern yourself is that your area is rather small(honestly, 6 inches by 3 inches? I think you meant 6'X3', quotations are inches...)

Regardless, either way that is bright, and by going at it alone(off mains, no controller), that really doesn't give you the control you ideally may need.

To get the control you need, you can simply hook it up to very inexpensive DMX controller. You want to adjust dim to liking and then set the color macro for the slowest setting. You may also want to block off the window to control bleed and outside lighting. If you want to soften the light, you can use some super thin white paper to diffuse the light through it, but it may also darken it too much and reveal a "hotspot", which would be on-axis from the light if shining from behind. I bet you're going to want to do a top-down thing, which is probbaly best.

The Mega Bar will definately put out some serious light. Not so sure about the color tube. The mega Bar comes in various models, from the Mega Bar 50 to the Mega Bar Pro. It really depends on your exact needs. I think if "money is not an object", then perhaps the MegaBar would be fine. If space and money are tight, the MegaBar 50 might be OK, but it really depends on your dimensions as this is only 18 inches wide.

I'm looking at the Mega Pixel myself, but since that is arranged in banks, it would not be well suited for your application.

If it was me, I'd look at getting a controller to knock down the brightness. As I said, you don't need much, think low-end. You can always get this later IF the light is too bright.

I think the Mega Bar or Mega Pixel would be ideal. I have farther throw applications for both coming up and if I could I'd buy 4 of each, and maybe some Mega Pixels.

Also, see if you can borrow one of the fixtures you're interested in. I bet within an hour or less, you'd know which is the right fit.
Yep, sorry 6ft x 3ft, I'm a Brit and we use those foreign metres and stuff here!

Anyway thanks for your help.

I can use 2 windows next to each other in one blacked out room. Room is 20ft x 20ft.

Can anyone recommend a simple control device.

Very new to all this so all and any advice welcome.

Oh and in the UK so excuse the time delay.

Don't apologize for using metric. Us stupid Yanks are still obsessed with this abstract and outdated measuring system, which requires extensive memorization.

I'd switch to metric if I could.... Not that my mind won't, it's just that everone around me won't.

Jingles brings up a good point about the tri-LED. It has less RGB blur/bleed. I see this problem with my Color Fusions since they use 3 bulbs, each with a different filter, to do RGB mixing, and while it's decent, it isn't great.

(Yes, the Color Fusion is an ADJ fixture)
OK it looks like either a MegaPanel or Mega Bar - we don;t have time to wait.

The window I want to light is about 4/5ft above street level and we want a colour fade glow to come from the window. As the room/windows are higher than street from outside you can't see the floor or indeed any furniture so mounting can be.

The room is blacked out too which I guess will help.

Controls – Can either of these units be configured to run a slow color fade with any external control unit?

Thanks again.
Here is another option. I have just purchased these lights and they are bright and will give the effect you are looking for without the use of a controller.

It is the American DJ Mega Pixel LED. All you would have to do is plug it in, then go into the menu and select "ShMd"(Looks like this in the actual menu "ShNd", but it stands for Show Mode) When in Show Mode select "Sh 1" then press enter, it will then come up with this on the menu "SP x". Just change it to "SP 1" which is the slowest fade.
The reason I didn't recommend the Mega Pixel is because it is arranged in banks of same-colored LED's(Red, Green, Blue)(or best I can tell), and so you'd have color "hot spots" more obvious as a result. This is as opposed to the 64 LED Pro or Mega pixel, which mixes RGB colored LED's throughout the fixture, theoretically providing a more "even" wash of lighting.

If no controller is desired, brightness could be knocked down by shooting through very thin white paper or sheet or a scrim

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