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5/6/2004 - Q-Series MKII Mixers Press Release
Plug In, Mix Easy, Sound Great!
American Audio�s Upgraded MKII Mixers Offer MP3 Input, Trim Output, All-New Faders, LEDs, Improved Mic Circuitry � And More

LOS ANGELES � American Audio is bringing more to the mix with its new generation of MKII professional pre-amp DJ mixers. The company�s new Q-2422MKII, Q-3433MKII and Q-SpandMKII mixers are loaded with upgraded features such as input for MP3 players, Trim Output Control, improved mic circuitry, longer lasting faders and high-tech Stream Flow LED displays. Yet, these high-performance mixers continue to sell at the same great price as their popular predecessors (the Q-2422/SX, Q-3433/SX and Q-Spand).

�At American Audio, we�re always striving to keep our products on the cutting edge of new technologies and market developments. We�re also looking to give our customers continually better value for their dollar,� said Tom Freret. �The Q-2422MKII, Q-3433MKII and Q-SpandMKII mixers accomplish both of these goals by adding some terrific new features, without any increase in price.�

The ability to plug in MP3 players is one of these new features. All of the mixers come equipped with an auxiliary 1/8� mini plug input that can be used for connecting to an MP3 player or other outside media source, such as an I-POD or discman.

�With more DJs using portable MP3 players, it makes logical sense to include this plug-in feature,� said Freret. �We wanted to be one of the first companies to offer a mixer with MP3 input. We believe this feature will become standard on DJ mixers in the future.�

Another cutting-edge feature on the new MKII mixers are all-new Stream Flow decibel LED indicators. Unlike the old-style �round button� LEDs, the new Stream Flow LEDs consist of a single colored strip on each side of the mixer, with portions of this strip lighted either red, yellow or green to indicate the dB level. The colors appear to flow into one another, giving the mixer an edgy high-tech look.

The mic circuitry on the MKII mixers has also been upgraded for improved sound quality. Whereas previous models utilized variable resistance mic input, the MKII mixers now feature a 600 Ohm mic circuit. �The new mic circuitry offers a cleaner sound and better sensitivity, particularly on the higher-grade mics,� said Freret.

A Trim Output Control button is another new addition to the MKII mixers. The Trim Output allows clubs to set a limit on how high the master volume can go, preventing DJs from playing too loud and possibly risking damage to the speakers.

Another notable upgrade on the MKII mixers are new line faders. Not only do the improved faders provide a smoother feel, they actually have a longer life.

To highlight their many upgrades and added features, the Q-2422MKII, Q-3433MKII and Q-SpandMKII mixers have been dressed up with an all-new look. They now have a sleek black finish, like many other American Audio premium products.

Here is a closer look at each of the MKII mixers:

Q-2422MKII � A 3-channel 19-inch professional DJ mixer, the Q-2422MKII is equipped with 2 phono, 4 line, 2 auxiliaries, 2 zones and 2 mic inputs. It measures 19�W x 7�L x 3.8�H and weighs 7.5 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Q-2422MKII is $279.95.

Q-3433MKII -- A 4-channel 19-inch professional DJ mixer, the Q-3433MKII features 3 phono, 4 line, 3 auxiliaries and 3 mic inputs. It measures 19�W x 10.5�L x 2.75�H and weighs 9 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Q-3433MKII is $399.95.

Q-SpandMKII � A 4-channel professional DJ mixer, the Q-SpandMKII has 3 phono, 4 lines, 3 auxiliaries and 3 mic inputs. It features a WOW Sonic Enhancer from SRS Labs that blasts out 3-dimensional sound. Included on the mixer are a 3D Stereo Button with width level knob (highs), and a Tru Bass Button with bass level knob (lows). The Q-SpandMKII measures 16.9�W x 9�L x 2.8�H and weighs 6.2 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Q-SpandMKII is $399.95.

All of the MKII mixers also feature: balanced XLR outputs; gain, bass, mid & treble control for each channel; and Fader Q Start (when used with a compatible American Audio CD player).

For more information, contact American Audio at 800-322-6337. Fax: 323-582-2610. Address: 4295 Charter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058. Web: e-mail:


Q-2422 MKII

Q-3433 MKII

With Stereo Mono Switch Wink

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I currently run a Pi@n&&r DJM 3000 and I'm wondering if ADJ is going to be making anything like it in the future (hopfully really near future) ???? I like the mixer I have but I don't like the replacement price or cost of parts for replacement. B&hri#g&r makes a ****py version of the djm 600 but knowing the quality and name of ADJ I figured they might be making something similar that is more cost effective. The "Q" series is great but I am looking for a little bit more. Maybe I should be asking is ADJ going to make an "effects" box?????

Just food for thought
DJ Rage
Originally posted by DJ Stevie Ray:
[qb] Rage.
Try this........ The Q-FX19 mixer. [/qb]
That is EXATCLY what I was talking about! Thanks Stevie! I'm going to find a place that I can play with it (The mixer that is!) It helps me in the battle of PIO/ADJ. A really good friend of mine is PIO all the way and I keep bringing him back to the ADJ side LOL!!! This is just more fuel for my PIO bash! I'll probally get one soon Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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