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"You have got to be kidding me?"

Yes that will be a common response to the subject of this post.

However, I kid you not.
After all that waiting, after seeing all these comments about the problems and using a friend's VMS4 that had its own problems (poor sound quality, off-centered jogs, etc...) I still decided to purchase one. So I did. Opened the box. Took out the manuals, etc. Removed the VMS4. Saw that it had no jogwheels.

Now at first I thought maybe they come in the box and you have to put them on yourself. Well after looking through the box, for about 15 mins just to make sure, I realized that it had just come with no jogs.

Now that is RIDICULOUS. You market a product as a piece of PROFESSIONAL kit and it arrives with no jogwheels. I even read a previous post where a guy got an extra one, maybe that bloke got one of mine idk. I work in a DJ store so I was able to hook it up to some demo CDJ-800s to try out the mixer (just for kicks obviously, as there was no way in heck I was gonna keep this). Started playing a tune, sound was ALRIGHT at best, nothing compared to a pioneer or A&H mixer, but then again no one buying this product would expect that anyway; sounds very flat, and that was using XLR output. Played around with it for a while using both CDJs and the mixer of the VMS4, after ONE hour, my mate told me to stop the players. He came up to it, fader was 100% to the left with the CDJs stopped, said he heard something unusual in the track I was playing, which was on the left player with the crossfader 100% left. Started a track on the right, and to my surprise I heard Lil Jon's already grainy voice, heavily distorted, VERY noticeable (not like you had to TRY to hear it) on the right CD player when the crossfader was 100% to the left. ( yes im sure it was 100%, and yes the CD players were correctly plugged in -_- )

The manufacturing processes and/or the components used are clearly lacking quality and basic organization and those factories must have serious quality control issues. I am disappointed. Im not bashing american audio/american dj because ive owned some of your products before (lights, they are wonderful), but this was just unacceptable. To have my VMS4 arrive with no jogs and a bad fader after one hour of use? We even tested it with other input sources (different cd players) and still the same problem. Its not like I was gonna keep it after it arrived with no jogs but seriously that is just poor. Friend it repackaging it so I can get my refund as we speak.

Seriously guys, all of these problems can be fixed from the source (the factory) so its better if you just put production on a hold for a while until everything is fully ironed out with the unit, especially its assembly. IT WILL WORK OUT BETTER FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE. Trust me. You would have less people complaining and giving this product poor reviews and less refunds as well. Because this will seriously dent the product's image and hurt future sales.

So clean up your act guys.
Best of luck.

(again im not bashing the company or anything, but im just understandably frustrated and disappointed with this)
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wow - that's heavy indeed!

so the first thing you did was going to the forum or did you contact your dealer for an exchange unit allready?

Would you pleae forward me a picture of the unit without jogs?

Just hit my username and send me your personal data, we will handle the exchange for you if necessary!
I'll give you good advice, I'm the guy who came in the box a jogwheel of more, you have to understand that american audio I had read a great demand for VMS4, and probably will have had to accelerate over than expected manufacturing processes and in its first days will have had failures mounting companies that urgency, the sound quality on yesterday I had the Xone 4d right next to the vsm4 because he brought a friend, and the only sounds Xone a little more in comparison to mine, but quality is matched. I feel very bad what happened to you but instead of going you should go to the change you or your money back you will know but I work professionally as a DJ and my VMS4. is a real beast, now that I have it mapped as it should
@ Alex C: please get me the adress of your dealer - we need to get this unit back to us. Just press on my username and send me a message.


HArtmut Call the Dealer that this guy claims he took it to I smell BS. You smell it?
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