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Have you checked with your dealer?

That's a long time to wait.

I ordered 4 of the Audio Technica M3 wireless IEM's a few months before they came out. Then, since I'm not a big player, I had to wait for the big boys to get theirs first before us "small guys" got our shot at them. So worth it, and AT had been hyping the crap outta them for over 6 months.

I like firm release dates. Just how I am.
I can see I'm not the only person annoyed with this constant outsourcing.

Disney outsources most of their trading pin productions to China. Those factories in turn use the "authorized materials and dies" to simply crank out more and flood the market with "overs" and "illegals". Hard to tell a fake from the real thing when it's simply a deliberate over-run using the correct materials by the same factory. Of course, sometimes they get all sloppy about it.

Shure outsourced some of their microphones to China, who in turn thanked Shure by making unauthorized Shure mics with the right dies, but inferior components.

While you're pondering the Asian mindset, consider this:

Anything you outsource to China will be stolen, or at least has a high degree of likeliness to be stolen. Or, if you're worried about China stealing it, why not outsource it to Vietnam? They work cheaper and will steal it faster. How about India? They'll be more sly about stealing it. But, in China, they'll be more than happy to steal it and use it to make products, not only to compete with YOU, but to devalue your BRAND and will actively SHOP it to your competition.

I'm happy my Allen & Heath ML5000 came from the UK, never once touching Chinese soil. Built in the UK by people who live there, then shipped to Los Angeles where it then went by truck to Fairfield so I could drive down and pick the damn thing up(figuratively speaking).

Sorry, I'm more for domestically made stuff, or at least made where it is designed. I know, it's cheaper to outsource the assembly and constructions but come on, it's showing.
You aren't kidding Chris. i am happy that my Hog came from the boys in Texas. Also another reason why I am still a big fan of VL. The original moving light and again, made in Texas. The same mentality with our line array as well as the Midas and A&H consoles we mainly use (myself and my boss aren't fans of the digital Japanese sound, like the warm sound of the UK consoles).

And as usual, this all reverts back to you get what you pay for. Not bashing anyone's gear, but you can't expect say an Accu Spot 250 to take as much abuse and last as long as a Design Spot 250. Everyone has there budget, just make sure what you buy will do the job/s you need it to do.

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