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Well at tonight's job the foward search button on one of the cd players just stopped working. I'll be sending it into the factory to get fixed this week. These players have only been used 5 times, so this is quite upsetting. I've owned many pieces of gear over the past 6 years, from all types of brands. This is the first time anyone has had a problem. Since I bought the CDI System in January I've had nothing but bad luck between the case and players. Once I get the player back from repair the whole setup will be going to the auction block. I need something more reliable than this.
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Just realize also that these are electronics, and sometimes problems can and do arise. It is how these problems are taken care of that makes the difference. BTW, I had an S5000 go down on me Friday. It sucked in the CD, then the whole unit shut down, and powered off except the CD kept spinning. I played the rest of the night off of my DCD-210. I always keep a backup player with me in case of a problem. Now I have 3 other S5000's and none have ever had a failure, that one just happens to have an issue (BTW it's only 3 months old). And on another note my CDI-500's are a year old and neither unit has given me 1 problem. So let Skilz get it taken care of and refrain from selling the set right now, I think you will be very happy.
I do realize they are electronics, but when something is that new and breaks that quickly I have to ponder my investment. In 6 years I've never had anything break so when something happens this quickly, it really makes me question the reliability of the gear. I like the players, but as I said two problems in less than a month is pushing my limits on keeping this product. We'll see how it performs when it gets back from the shop.
BK.. Go ahead and post the RA #, and everthing we will need so that we can attend to your unit once it gets in the office. Or you can wait till a specialist contacts you. If you prefer that please post a working email address so that we can contact you ASAP. Tomorrow is Monday and the office will be open, so you will be contacted. Thanks.
my cdi 500 is not even a month old , the power cord has a major hum , does anyone else have this problem . Also , why is the volume output so low .
I use it strictly for accapellas but when I try and lay something over a ******* 1000 , u can barely hear it , unless the gain AND eq's are jacked up on the channel . What is the deal with that ?
Try unplugging the RCA's out of the back of the 1000, and plug that right into the CDI. If that cures the problem, then the problem lies in the RCA or that mixer channel. If it still seems low, then it could be that the 1000 has a bit louder pre-amp. Also remember, that Acappellas are usually not as loud as instrumentals.
i think this was talked about a while back..... where the output of the ps2's werent as loud as other brands decks..... this is the same thing with me..... my CDI's arent as loud as my other decks but it aint a big deal fo real....i just have the gains at 2 o'clock for the CDIs while the other 2 are at 11 o'clock...
I had the exact same problem with my PS2's, output levels being way too low. Sure I turned the gains up on the mixer but I found when I did that on a larger PA there was obvious distortion and bad 'hissing' eminating from the mixer because of the extra gain I had to push out. I thought it was just me, but when I compared it to another branded cd deck on the same mixer the noise problems were bascially non-existent, granted the fact that the mixer was an el-cheapo brand. This was one of the major idiosynchrosies that forced me to replace the PS2s.

ROQ out.

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