I was just wondering something since I have read that ADJ may have a digital turntable contest. Can we have a category for "creativity"? I can do some modest easy scratches on my PS's, but I never got the hang of all the tricks like "crab scratching, transforming" and others. I am very adebt at using many of the features on the Pro Scratch to make many unique mixes and sounds. So what it really boils down to is that I can't showcase my ability to scratch, but I would like to show what a PS1,2,X can do for any DJ who likes to be creative/unique and make a crowds jaw drop. I remember doing tricks like phasing, and "beat repeats"(kind of like a solid echo). With turntables and make people go WoW without ever knowing how to scratch.
Do any of the other digital DJ's out there feel the same, or is it just me?????
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When we do a contest I will have at least 2 catagories. A lot of DJ's just love the effects and a lot of DJ's are into the Scratching aspect of it, so it is safe to say 2 catagories will be in there.
Well, let me throw it out there right now. When we have a Digital DJ competetion how would YOU set it up. What catagories would you have, and how would YOU set it up(time limits and such)? Confused Confused
Break it down for me guy's. Big Grin Big Grin
I think it should be a live contest, open to any participants on ADJ equipment. Like PS2's for everyone, so everyone uses the same uquipment, and maybe it can be held at the AC convention. I think maybe a 10 minute set, and maybe a new 10 minute set for finals with like 4 people for each category.
2 categories.
Scratch and "true turntableism skills" (no effects accept the jog wheel in scratch mode
Effects and creativity. (this would be a no holds barred event utilizing every feature you can in the PS2's) scratching and effects creating new unique sounds and mixes.
Hey D.J. Stevie Ray got any special tricks you can briefly explain in simple terms, i really like this proscratch 1 system. I practice on it every night after work/class.I was a dual c.d. deck guy until my house got burglarized...(that really sucked!!)I STILL LIKE THE DUAL CD PLAYERS...but I had heard so much about these pro-scratch players I decided to try the bpm system...i'm impressed!!!So D.J. Stevie Ray got some simple tricks you can teach the struggling pro-scratch1 owners?
P.S. perhaps WE can talk ADJ into sponsoring YOUR first Instructional Video.You really got the ps1's mastered????
Reverse/Mikey Dread , what tricks would you like to learn??? What exactly do you want to know, the specifics help, and if we were to make an instructional video or another one it would most certainly have SKILZ in it again.

what's with the multiple names????
Hello Mikey and Reverse,
And too both let me be the first to welcome you here to the forum. I by no means am an expert on the PS1's, and if you contact JB he might be able to get you guys the PS1 video if you don't have one. I used that for my foundation, and even though I have had the decks for over a year now, I still watch the video, and do step by step following the instructions. There is so much that you can do with the decks that you sometimes forget about some of the features. Like the "robot" effect. I personally just like to use different effect to compliment a mix, such as a trans on the song I am going out of just on the last 4 beats, to give it kind of a stutter to the next song. The backspin also works well. One of my favorites is when you have a 64 beat break to do a strait mix over 32 beats, then hit the reverse button for the next 32 beats, and sometimes I will lay a phase over this. A good song to use the reverse on a mix is Darude-Sandstorm. And I am flattered that you think I should have my own video, but wait until JB organizes this contest, maybe he can put together a contest video, where all of the contestants can show of some of their favorite tricks.
P.S. The best way to learn is to buy a case of Red Bull and lock yourself in your basement for a week playing with every button, feature, and parameter until Skilz eyes would even go Eeker Eeker
Originally posted by John:
[qb]Everyone understand why I was happy to see StevieRay join our forum?? He has much to contribute, and does so... Big Grin Big Grin
Rhue, I just didn't know you BEFORE you joined, but there is much respect NOW Eeker Eeker
We have some really great people here. Big Grin

john ur like a father figure to me... even though ur probably still young...I have great respect for you and dannyC Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Both you guys are pretty cool. I've been at the ps1's for six month's now, and can do a few cool tricks, but i'm still learning more (There is so much you can do with the things). I agree, there should be a contest, and it might go as follows:

A seperate battle for each american DJ made "Instrument"( I.E. Ps1, ps2, psx, vynl).

Two catagories: Pure scratch, and full creativity

Contestants send thier entries via mailed CD's

Ten finalists for each of the four categories (40 in all) are flown in for the big battle, and they each get a BPM mixer as a prize.

The two runners up in each categorie get ps2 sytems, or some equivalent.

The winner gets a full velocity system, including dual deck, the best rack mixer ADJ makes, and a speaker/amp combo.

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