It's round 3 of American Idol. Are you watching it? What do you think of it? Do you notice anything different from the first 2? How many times do you think they will be able to do it?

After tonight's episode (the second group of 8), I think I just lost interest. 8 contestants, all dismal, and it's the same as last year and the year before. Atleast during the auditions they did some new stuff...

What do you'all think?
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Lame, lame, lame, lame!!! I've had it up to HERE with "reality" shows. I watch TV to ESCAPE reality, not to see some knucklehead murder a good song. At least when you're at a bar, they have excuses for singing bad.

And why, WHY do they insist on mouthing off to the judges?? Hello?? Who's in the music industry, and who couldn't carry a tune with Velrco gloves and a Nerf ball? Jeeeezzz. Just say, "OK, thanks, I'll try to work on that." and get off the stage, and back to the onion-ring fryer, my order is up.

Now, I'm not dissing on anyone's dream. I give anyone who bears their soul in front of a crowd alot of credit. But, have some sense and decency, and act with a little tact and respect.

Hey, why not have a "DJ reality show"? The producers make a fake party, and you have to go in, setup, pick music, MC, etc. etc. Winner gets to keep all the gear and music at the end!
UGHH!! NOOOOooooo!!!
50%, they let another XL guy in, atleast this guy is a football player, and not an out of shape dude like last year's Rooooo-ban.

American Idol is ____________(insert explative here)

Now back to American DJ Idol....let's write the networks!

They should have picked 4 people from the first group I think. Second round chomped terribly. I really liked the girl that sang "I got the music in me" great choice. I also think the girl that sung the older song, can't remember the name of it, like a big bandish, lounge kinda song shoulda bin picked, she had a great voice. The judges kinda bite I think, one minute they're saying all the people are playing it safe by choosing certain songs, and then when someone goes out on a limb and chooses something off the wall, they say they should have picked something else. Make up yer minds. It should not be based on the song itself, but by the voice that comes through doing it. Who say's the next American Idol has to do mainstream pop music. I'd love to go and try out for Canadian Idol myself. My voice is a cross between Iggy Pop, and Frank Zappa. Think the judges would go for that??? Definately raise some eyebrows that's fer sure, especially when I mix in my funky freestyle dance moves, and facial contortions. It's something to behold.

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