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I tried this once and the link failed, so here goes another try with a better link.
Okay guys, this is a link to the software for the American DJ Pro Mix :

1. Unzip and install
2. You will need a serial to usb adapter,(+driver) if yours doesn't have a serial already.{ I am using a iogear gu232awm }
3. This is important: Restart your computer with the controller plugged in !
4. After reboot, start up the promix software. In the controller settings of the configuration menu set baud to 115200 then try every com port till you find the right one.

So far it seems stable and useable in Win7 and XP . Okay, if there is any questions or comments email me back. Forward ,copy/paste this and the link to anyone you know still trying to rock this old dinosaur,

Here is proof of my accomplishments if there be any questions:
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