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There is a company I went with to get my Projector 150 back in 2006. It had been discontinued at that point as well.

Your best bet is to call around and see who may have it, that's my best suggestion.

Hit my web site and the "contact us" page to reach me offline and I can give you the name of a few dealers I've worked with in the past(some being very recent past: as in just a little bit ago had more interaction).

My advise: Even though the trend is to avoid Ebay, I am only recommending you avoid Ebay just because you might not get an accurate picture of what type of life the fixture may have had unless they advertise it as new in the box. If they say new in the box, then OK is OK.

The trend I was referring to is the "boycott" of Ebay because of increasing fees. I can understand that, but people are still selling abd buying. With certain items, it's better to get new rather than used. Lights are a good one for that. And if you find it on Ebay, then get it.

I was thinking about getting that light too. With the Sunray III, the Mystic and Vertigo. With the Mystic and Vertigo being sound active, I needed something like the Mini-Saucer to compliment and constrast the Sunray III.

Best if luck. We may be hunting against the same item. If you see Studio42 bidding, hit my email and tell me to back off so the price doesn't get run up too bad. I'll hit the next one!
Wow, forgot to see where you were from.

ADJ makes products suitable for use all over the globe. I responded to your message, but I'm not sure if this dealers can help you.

You're 240/50, we're 120/60, so if you buy something from our side of the pond, make sure you get a step-down transformer.

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