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Would it probably be ok to plug a couple Intimidator 1.0 scanners into a Midi-pak ? I wouldnt be doing any dimming, just ocaasionally turning them on or off. I've run a couple non-dimmable Stage Wash's off a Leprecon Midi pak without any noticable problems. Is this asking for trouble, or should I most likely be alright?
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If the scanners are not DMX(as in: do not work via DMX, as in: no DMX interface on the fixture), then sure. Just ensure the channel is fully on or fully off in case the MIDI pack has dimmable channels.

If the fixture is a DMX fixture, then NO WAY!!! Get a DMX controller. Running it off a dimmer will cause damage to your electronics.

I couldn't find the Intimidator 1.0 scanners. Is that an ADJ product?
actually the scanners are Chauvets and they run either stand-alone or DMX....

but the Midi-pak has a DMX mode built into it, and I think that's whats confusing me....I'd figure that the Midi mode on it would be able to handle a DMX product then...

I'm really only using the Midi mode to turn on/off the light every once in a while...theres no dimming going on in my light set-up...
Don't do it. Period.

Since the Intimidator 1.0's are DMX fixtures, you DO NOT plug in DMX fixtures into dimmer/relay/switcher pack for power.

Sounds like the MIDI pack can accept MIDI commands as well as work with DMX. That's neat. You might want to see if the MIDI pack will do any sort of relay/translation to spit down that DMX output.

PLEASE do not plug in those Intimidators into your MIDI pack. You'll need to add DMX into your rig or else find something else. There are scanner-type fixtures like the Electra(just an example) that would be better suited for what you may be trying to accomplish.

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