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It's standard DMX.

Just go DMX cable from the controller to the power pack. Make sure the power pack is set up to use channels the Aviator 32 can use and you should be good to go. Since you're using the PP-DMX20L instead of the DP-DMX20L, just ensure you only go FULL on or FULL OFF and you're good. Since you're using effects lights, you've got the right power pack to go with your fixtures.

Have fun.
Thanks for the responses. After setting up both copilot and the powerpack for dmx mode on ch1, I am able to turn on and off all the fixtures connected to the powerpack by pressing the first latch key. However, I am not able to turn the light fixtures on and off individually. Am I able program the copilot to individually turn off specific outlets on the powerpack?

Thanks again for the help,

You've mis-understood how the PP-DMX20L is set up and operates.

The PP-DMX20L behaves the same way as a DP-DMX20L:

You have a pre-programmed mode, which is not what you want right now.
There are 3 DMX modes:
1 channel, in which all 4 channels behave as one large bank
2 channel. This time channels 1 and 2 behave as a single channel, while 3 and 4 behave as a second channel.
4 channel mode: Where each channel responds on its own.

Based on your description, you need to go to 4-channel mode. It sounds like you send your starting channel right, so you're in good shape for starting out. Go to 4 channel mode and you'll be all taken care of.

So, you CAN do what you want to do. That's the good news, it's easy to do. The other good news is that you just need a minor reconfiguration to the PP-DMX20L. Easy to do, just hit the mode button I think.

Have fun. Let us know how it goes.
Well, what I have to say is that you were very specific in your descriptions, as well as thorough enough to trip my brain to hit in the right direction.

I'd like to be on their payroll, but I'm a sound guy. I enjoy doing sound. Just glad I could help.

I'd also like to thank ADJ for their well done manuals. It answered questions that helpd me direct proper answers.

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