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I'm having trouble with my new American Audio VMS2, The EQ doesn't respond in Pre EQ (Default) when using Virtual DJ Pro 7.05b Latest Version, It works in Post EQ mode but I'd rather use the EQ on the Hardware over software control. Gains, Effects and Looping work normal. on the American Audio VMS Site, it explains how to re enable the EQ on the VMS4 but not on the VMS2. Kind of weird that the EQ's can just be turned off like that on the original VMS4. Here's my setup:

Asus G-51 Gaming laptop
Nvidia GPU
Primary Drive SSD
Secondary Internal Drive Seagate barracuda 350GB 7200RPM
Windows 7 Home Premium optimized for djayin
Latest Virtual DJ Pro 7.05b

If You need more specs let me know.

Analog Inputs sources works normally with the EQ that's in Anolog mode of course. sorry for the mispells. When I click on the software's EQ on the skin of VDJ, those work with the mouse of course. When I turn the eq knobs on the VMS2, the software knobs moves but there are no change in the sounds, no eq sounds are being applied even though the software knobs are moving also.. On the Mapper Settings the EQ's are set to fake_EQ_High. Thats because its on Pre EQ mode right?? I want to use the default Pre EQ mode not Post Mode. If anyone knows how to fix this, That would be greatly appreciated,, thanks for a great product...
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