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Hello ADJ Team!!

Please help me, i have an american audio radius 3000 cdplayer, and When i touching the jog wheel is not detected and indicates.
When i setting the menu option ( jog sensitivity..) than noting happens. (not detect when i touching the jog wheels again, and again.. ) Frowner

I'm an electrician, but need the ADJ team helps. !

This item of the CD player : link (Unit: RADIUS 3000 Item Number: Z-704UDJ3008380)

When this item turned around in backside, I found it circuit bottom of panel, IC202 (14pins IC)- which is surrounded smd components.
(diodes, resistors, condensators: R202,R203,R204,R206,D312,C214,C218,C258),

I cleaning up this IC202 top side and I see that a PIC16F616 ( 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU) talking about. (by the way, all panels are factory stain smeared: I wonder how they work inside of the electronics. But this machine is a good idea to cd player and I like it.)

good work.

question.. what is the C# program / hex list in this pic16? - Please send me the source c# program list to check the contents? OR how i can fix it other this problem? for example: connecting radius3000cd player to my computer (with USB) and running any1 prgram ( update, firmware) ? OR this PIC16 is memory cleared?? HOW it?
i wrote many email contacts

I would really appreciate if you could helps this for me.

still a nice day!

Attila Amarulaz Szabo
H-1204, Budapest

contact email:
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