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Yup. I see it all the time. It's part of my business model. All these small timers claim they can do big shows, then they blow up their gear. Since all my stuff is paid off, I can complete in their price bracket, and with what is often a physically smaller system, outperform them. BIG difference between the MI stuff and the touring grade stuff.

While their stuff goes BOOM and then the magic blue smoke is released, mine is still pounding hard and I've got overhead to spare. I love the KV2 Audio stuff. Everyone tells me it's not big enough, won't cut it, and then when I fire it up and start sound check, they are loving it.

I'd much rather have a very powerful rig(which I do) and turn it down if needed, rather than a small and underpowered rig and have to keep pushing it to its limits. But, it ain't cheap to do it right, but it also doesn't necessarily have to be a bank breaker either.
One would go "boom" when it fails and the Plus unit would make sizzling sounds afterwards?

I would say since you're far out of warranty, print the schematic and then look at the logic board. You should also have clarified it was the v3000Plus.

Not to digress, but this lady booked time with me, flaked, rebooked for later in the day, flaked again. Booked for next day, flaked and no call for 6 weeks. Her flaking out costs me some potential consulting dollars, but no, I held that time she booked. I'm debating on telling her to "just pick your crap up and get it the hell out of my house" right now or finish her job(she wants to preview some elements for picking and choosing).

I'm not a person who likes having my time wasted. Accuracy is important in our industry. Please always be clear and exact the first time. Model numbers are easy to get exact, it's printed right on the unit 99% of the time.
I am wondering if you could e-mail me the schematic for the v3000plus, as well. I am having troubles and would like to try chasing down the problem.

The input signal from the mixer is maxed, and even with the gain attenuators cranked all the way up, the amp does not achieve max output as indicated by the FP LEDs.(impossible to drive to clipping!) Tried all settings - Both channels, Sub xover, HP filter DIP switches, and mono/stereo - same symptom with all settings.

Yes the problem is the amp - ran the same signal to a different amp and performs as expected.

Any ideas of what to check first?
hi, i^m new to the forum. first i want to thank you for accepting me,
i'm looking for a schematic of a V 3000 amplifier don't know if it's the plus model but if you could send me both versions it'll be OK!!
the amp is in pretty bad shape after someone tried to fix it from a major failure. as of now i have it working one channel pretty good but the other sounds ok but desn't hold as istart increasing level; i've been told to look for the bias circuit and maybe the drivers for too much dc offset, what doyou think??
well maybe looking at the diagram i'll get a better idea.

thanks for your time and attention.
martinnez uruapan michoacan mexico
it´s been a while, since i posted, but anyway, igot some schematics from different places, and figured my way out of this; the problem resulted in several places: had to change the speaker proteccion IC from the bad channel, and solder reinforce some tracks under the PS caps as they were bad and rotten, maybe from cap fluid from the originals that were changed by someone else. There was some corrosion on the connector from the transformer to the PCB too.
anyway just that and some minor electr caps and transistors around the spkr protection circuit. It is playing loud and nice since then at my friends rehearsing studio and no problem even at clipping it with 4ohm speakers!
martin martinnez
uruapan michoacan mex

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