Akai LPD8 USB Midi not working

We recently purchased MyDMX 3.0 last month and we have been using it weekly for our worship services. However, we have a USB Midi controller: Akai LPD8. In MyDMX 2.0, it works as expected, and I can assign any function or fader in MyDMX 2.0/2.1 to the controller.

In MyDMX 3.0, the software will not let me assign anything to the LPD8. If I go to Preferences, MIDI, I see the device listed there, and the check box is active. It will not let me uncheck the box though like it would in the 2.0 software.

We would really like to use the 3.0 software, as we are a fan of the grouping of the scenes and the interface in general, but we really need to be able to assign controls to the MIDI device to control front lighting intensities on the fly, as well as cue next, previous scenes, or flash effects such as blinders.

Does anyone have any idea why the LPD8 works in 2.0 but not in 3.0? We are running this on Mac OS X
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Also remember that the LPD8 pads are touch sensitive. So the level value will depend on how hard you hit the pad. Since the midi triggers are defined by a specific on and off value this makes the LPD8 not a good tool to start scenes.

In MyDMX2 this was different. There the LPD8 could easily be used.

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