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I downloaded the new firmware upgrade and succesfully instaled it.

I started my Traktor up and the controller doesn't respond anymore...
The lights burn and the firmware seems to be upgraded

I did hope that my isseu with my pre-listen cue was fixed. so that i can listen to each deck without putting my line fader up.
Everything was all good exept the headphone pre listen befor the update.

Already spent al lot of time to configured it right and i never had a controller with so much isseus.

Is it something i did wrong?

I just want it ready for four decks with no problems.. HELP NEEDED!!
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hai again,

I think i made it worse by trying the firmware upgrade for the second time now.

It is still 3.8 sorry..

It's funny becease the first time it worked and i had my soundcard on internal etc.

It keeps saying "Time out during firmware upload"

I checked my sound config, everything is checked off and set to the internal soundcard.

No program is running it, in task manager i killed al the weird files and gave it a try with almost all of the combinations.

I start it up with the 4rd cue button press release trick(did this earlier for the internal mix mode) didn't help.

And he is not detected in Traktor.
But in the trail version of VDJ he is detected.

So any sugestions?


Johny---- Be aware that if you are using Virtual DJ and Traktor, The software may appaer to be closed but you may still find it in you control panel in the process section.

I suggest you
1.restart your computer.
2. plug in the VMS4
3. run the firmware updater

Note you can not update from V3.11 to 3.11 if you fell that there was an error I suggest you rollback to V3.8 and then reinstall V 3.11

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