What sources do you use for advertising?

We use web search engines, local coupon books, church bulletins, wedding specific print media, wedding specific web sites, and entertainment specific web sites.

We recently dropped the church bulletins because they just weren't working. We track where the leads are coming from via our request for quote form and when prospects call in. If it isn't working there is no use wasting money on it.

Also, indicate how you track your advertising sources.
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word of mouth, buisness cards, and connections to hotels, halls, communities and weddingplanners(this is for bachelor parties though...not weddings.. i dont do weddings anymore)......

but yeah...after a gig at this hotel,this lady up in the front desk told me to leave some buisness cards for her to give to people that rent the place, cause alot of them ask her if they have a sound system or a dj that goes with the hall.... and since they dont....she usually gives them my card....
ever since then i've been doing the same thing to other halls, and hotels.... and it works pretty good too.... that way... u become familiar with the place, know the people who work there and even eat for free once in a while....
Word of mouth is the only way we go, No yellow pages, no newspaper, no direct mail. we do have a website but 92% of this years work has come from word of mouth, we are up to 276 events booked for 2004 as of now, with 57 booked for 2005 right now. It took us awhile to get up there but it happens. You will pull better leads from word of mouth
Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Personally I get a lot of interest via my website, I’m listed on Google Maps and have good search engine rankings so attract a fair amount of customers by the website. I always give the venue a business card, and ask if I can put a card on the notice boards ect. I always carry a few cards with me, just incase I ever need one when I’m out and about. Depending on your target market, wedding fayres can be a good investment, if your confident in talking to your clients and have the ability to sell your services.
Word of mouth, Business cards (I carry them everywhere with me) Website, handouts ie: calendars, pamphlets, mix CD's. QR Barcodes. I also have post cards that I send to my customers, thanking them for hiring my DJ company to show that we appreciate their business. Also I will send mailings to previous customers giving them a discount on their next event etc etc. Currently booked through October, but im working a couple of Festivals locally through a PR firm so it allows me to perform in front of thousands of people who attend these events. This is where the handouts really come in handy.

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