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As I have been using this service I have seen a lot of issues with the software features working well and considering this is a fully launched product I think all of us customers would like to know what we can expect to see regarding this software going forward.

-Modifying light profiles in ScanLibrary will not update that lights profile in the main system. Then when I replace the old profile with the updated on (same name) the lights do not work. This means I have to redo all the scenes with that light all over again which is not productively scale able.
-All the demos I watched of the visualizer showed many types of moving heads working in it. With my Intimidator Spot 150s they and a few other lights do nothing. Unless you have a profile with the color wheel in it individual lamps with a static number of colors does not work.
-Where is the windows version of the ScanLibrary and 3d Visualizer. MYDMX2.0 has been out for a while so why are these is the Visualizer and Library editor taking so long? I can even begin to imagine how the service was at launch with all the bugs.
-The updater in the program doesn't work which forces me to re-download the entire software. This is just silly.
-A auto save backup service would be amazing.
-Why is there no release update pdf for the 2.1 update for MAC?

When I bought this service the only reason I bought it was because of the name brand but now I dont know if I made a good choice. I am getting the impression that MyDMX2.1 is a project at ADJ that isnt getting the attention it deserves. Its like you sold us a half built product (beta) and your still riding the we are in beta still like the video game industry that sells the game during beta and never finishes.

All in all I still enjoy this product and by no means am I trying to shit on you guys. I think we all just want to know what is going on with the Dev team and whos ever in charge of prioritizing what Devs should be doing and when is this program gonna be complete? (Not Beta)
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Hi, let me answers these below.

1) Once you patch in a profile, it copies in the information of the profile's current state, it doesn't update the profile, it keeps it as it was until it is deleted, or a new copy of that profile is patched, if you make changes to the profile after it is patched, and as soon as you delete the patched profile, it erases all of the programming associated with that fixture. there is no "live connection" between patched fixtures in the grid and the most recent version of a profile sitting in the library, if that makes sense. This is why it is super important to test, test, and test profiles you are using until you are happy with them and then proceed to program. This is how it's always been.

2) I'm not sure exactly what you mean? The actual colors outputting? This could also be a profile issue, there are still some profiles that need to be optimized for the 3D, if you know of some, feel free to email them to me and i can update them. jamesk at americandj dot com

3) They have both been out on the MyDMX 2.1 software since Dec of 2015 by now i believe, you can always find the latest releases posted to our website.
Or also join this nice MyDMX 2.0 user community on facebook:

4) In the new release of 2.1 there is a new tool that you can use to check, we tried to do use the updater, but there were issues. What was the last release before 2.1 you had installed?

5) This was brought up before, i'll have to check if it was something we are going to do or not.

6) The only update from 2.0 to 2.1 is the ability to use the new 2.1 interface, that's it, everything else is the same and we do not normally post change logs between versions.

So, i'll say that the Scan library editor for Mac and Windows is pretty much final version, so feel free to use that if you want. As far as the 3D goes, it really has proven to be a huge undertaking for our development team, the code running under the hood has been rewritten several times as we've had different members of the engineering team leave or join. But it really is still being worked on, but i think if you play around in the 3D on the newest 2.1 update, you'll find it to be quite nice!

Thank you for your feedback, and if you ever have questions or issues and you want to speak directly to me you can find me in that facebook group, or I left my email above.


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