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Hi All,
I have a lighting rig in the theater I run with a number of Elation E-Fly wireless DMX transceivers in use. I'd like to add a few ADJ Element QA's for house accent uplights here and there.  It looks like the Elation E-Fly and ADJ WiFly are the same unit, just branded to either line. If that's true, I could use them without needing to add a separate transmitter just for the QA's. Can anyone confirm this for me? Has anyone successfully used them together? Or does anyone know the specs well enough to say that you can (for sure) receive Elation E-Fly DMX transmissions on ADJ WiFly receivers?
Thanks in advance to anyone who answers, and have a great day!

Mark Petersen
Technical Director
Theater At Mountainview

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Hi @Jingles8302,

Thanks for the reply!
That's how I thought it looked. I mean, honestly they look like the same unit just in a different case and with different silk screening on it. Have you actually run the two together before? And if not. would you know if the protocol specs are available online somewhere so I could confirm it? Our sales guy at Full Compass is awesome, and I know he'd take the units back if it didn't work, but I hate to use that card when I don't absolutely have to. You know?  :-)

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