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Hi all, a quick question about refurbished stock from ADJ.

Can anyone comment as to what the condition of refurbished stock generally is?  I’ve purchased B-Stock before and know that can be a wide range of overall condition and fixture hours, but never refurbished.  What would be the situation if the units arrive trashed or disfunctional, especially if the units didn’t ship from ADJ directly?



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Sellers typically want nothing to do with inventory after it's been sold and will direct you to work with the manufacturer directly.  Many dealers also drop ship to the end user directly.  While my core dealers are very reputable and willing to help in situations such as this, there are some VERY shady ADJ dealers on the market too.  Me thinks it's time to chlorinate the dealer pool a bit...

And no, I haven't bought refurbished stock (yet), but I've dodged several borderline scam dealers over the past few weeks.  Had I not known what I do about ADJ and this industry in general I would be out several thousand dollars right now despite the dealers being listed as legit on the ADJ website.

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