I wanted to ask some advice about the DMX controllers.

I'm a mobile DJ, at the moment I own 4 ADJ Inno Pocket Spots, Showtec Galactic RGY-140 MKII lazer and ADJ Fog Fury 2000.
Im stuck between:

ADJ MyDMX 3.0 link: http://www.adj.com/mydmx-3-0

ADJ WiFly NE1 link: http://www.adj.com/wifly-ne1

My main purpose would be to control the ADJ moving heads. If possible, then the laser too, but I dont know if the Showtec brand is supported by ADJ.

I dont need to set up some very complex scenes. I would like to keep it simple, just maybe tilt/pan the movement, use some built in effects. For example, if I want the strobe effect, then I could just press one button and there you have it. Also maybe change the color and use the sound active mode.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand, when using the "ADJ MyDMX 3.0", where you can control everything by computer software. You have to build scenes. You can't just click on some icon to activate strobe or sound active effect, in the middle of the party?

So what are the pros and cons of: „ADJ MyDMX 3.0” and „ADJ WiFly NE1”?

Thank you in advance,
Chris M
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