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Hey all, I'm new here and trying to build a basic light show for my band. One of the main components will be the Mega Flash. I bought it in hopes that I would be able to get it to sync to the bpm of our songs in different places but it isn't working exactly like I planned.

Our "master clock" is a Akai MPC sequencer which acts as a drum machine. This sends Midi clock data to a laptop which controls lights. I own DMXIS which controls the strobe light. I realize the strobe doesn't accept any sort of bpm or clock data, rather it is just a DMX value between 1-256 (I think this means 8bits?)

So what I'm wondering is:

What is the best way to go about tempo syncing the strobe? I'm half tempted to make a chart that lists each bpm for every possible setting between 1-256 but I'm hoping there is a better way. I know once you get towards the end of the slider (when the strobe gets really fast) there are jumps of several bpm which doesn't make my idea very practical.

Any info would be appreciated!!

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Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify:

You're saying that I should create one event (or scene, or clip) that tells the strobe to flash once, then stop. This event would be triggered via the bpm?

This was original method but I ran into problems. The biggest being that there is a small but noticeable delay with the first flash so the strobe is always just a small amount behind the beat.

Is it possible to do this with any other software you know of? Or any other strobe for that matter? I've seen larger acts sync strobes to bpm so it seems possible, I just haven't found a practical way to do it yet.

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