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Let me just state a few things before I go to bed.

I'm in the market for a new digital audio console. The choices became apparent rather quickly, just as they did when it was time to shop for a large format analog console.

Without naming names, a lot of companies brushed me off because "I didn't appear to match their profile or have gobs of money oozing out of my pockets". I was flat out snubbed by many companies.

Now, one thing that is nice right now is the trend of lower cost digital consoles. But, I see a lot of issues that prevent me from searching much. The new Digidesign SC48 just doens't seem a viable digital option for me, mainly since it still relies on multicore snakes to function. Others are either too cheap on the DSP side(Yamaha) or far too expensive(say, Midas Pro6). It leads me back to the same company that gave me attention in the first place.

ADJ gets customers. As does the other company I am referring to, Allen & Heath. The simple fact of customer service, responding to customers makes a HUGE difference. I want to go with a company that values me, if not as an individual, but overall as a customer.

I can't expect A&H to remember me by name, nor can I exect ADJ to do likewise. I do see both companies participate in their forums, especilaly A&H. This direct interaction with end users seems to help ensure the success of the company.

What I have to ask is "Why don't the other companies show the same degree of direct interaction"? With the other forums, IF the company has a forum, it appears to be more "self help" with the company itself making only a very rare appearance.

Consider the company you buy from. Realize that sometimes there are more things involved than simply a financial transaction.

As I look to purchase an A&H iLive T112 with an IDR48, road cases and an RTA(TBD), I think of my past positive experiences with A&H and know I can also just call them up and get help. Likewise, I know i can do the same thing with ADJ.

Is it any wonder why I feel a sense of loyalty and stick with certain brands? Treat me good, I'll still with you!
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