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Hi all! I've found myself turning to the community in hopes of finding someone who can help me resolve an issue I'm having setting up my lighting system.

At the begging of the year I purchased a bunch of lights and a WMX1 controller for doing events. The equipment list as it stands is as follows

1 - Mega Flat Hex Pak (4 mega hex pars)

4 - 5PX Hex

6 - 12P Hex IP

1 - WMX1

When I ordered the whole kit I was under the assumption that the 12P Hex IP had both the 3 and 5 pin like the 5PX do, but realized once I was setting everything up that my 3 pin DMX cables weren't going to work. I got in contact with our vendor and I've been waiting since March for DMX cables and finally just bought some AccuCables from amazon this week and they seem genuine.

I've been using the controller with Flat Pak and 5PX fixtures since January without issues but now that I'm trying add the 12P Hex IPs into the mix the lights show a constant white light at about 30% strength regardless of what the controller is sending to the lights (except sometimes blackout will work)

What am I missing here? I've been trying find a solution to this problem for 2 days straight and I'm banging my head against the wall. The vendor has gone dark and hasn't returned emails or phone calls since April.


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Thanks for the tip Jingles8302!

I actually was using a single 5 pin AccuCable directly from the WMX1 controller to the light fixture itself..

I did discover after talking with a rep that the problem was with the light profile in WMX1. I got around the problem by going into the profile editor copying the fixture profile, removing and then adding the white back into the profile and saving it as a copy. Once I loaded the copied profile into the WMX1 all worked as it should.

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