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Hi, just bought myDMX GO and need to apply a fixture profile I've downloaded from Dropbox to the appropriate folder on my Android device so that myDMX  GO app can pick it up. I've tried dropping it into the UserSSLLibrary. I select the User local button on app and click Brand ..but it doesn't appear. I created a 'test' profile in Profile Builder and I can see that, but can't locate where ProfileBuilder creates the SSL2 file. My thinking was that if I drop the file in there it myDMX Go would pick it up. 

Many thanks in anticipation of any assistance.  

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Sign into Lightcloud from the link in my reply above, then where it says profiles, click the "+" button to upload the profile from your desktop to your account, from there it will ask you where to place it, just pick _varied.
Then in the app while on normal Wi-Fi click on the user library buttons (screenshot attached) and then tap on _varied and the profile you added will be there, patch one to download the profile to your device.


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