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I hope someone can help me...
I just purchased 2 accu spots and got them home and they did nothing when I plugged them in. I checked the outlet, the cords and am at the end of my rope. There is no noticable on/off switch, so I assume that they should power up as soon as I plug them in...what are the chances of getting 2 bum lights...Any suggestions...I don't want to bring them back, (it is about an hour away) if I don't have to...thanks guy's...
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Did you go through the initial set-up instructions carefully? making sure there is nothing you need to do to enable the power supply or anything? (You know the concept of pulling the little plastic tab on small electronics with batteries pre-installed--similar idea).

Are the bulbs installed? Maybe there is something that prohibits the unit from powering up if there is no bulb...

try putting a controller on it, maybe it's looking for DMX. I dunno.

I'm just trying to pull some ideas for ya.

I have 4 of them I got when they first came out....They have been used on many gigs....Rented to other companies and been in some custum Dual road cases I had made.....They have worked without a flaw....They where used on a new years gig at a casino and where up there with macs and other fixtures and programer was suprised how well these fixtures performed..... I hope to get some of the wash fixtures soon...
They where used on a new years gig at a casino and where up there with macs and other fixtures and programer was suprised how well these fixtures performed
amazing how an 800$ light can be compared with a 2000$ light. AmericanDJ should have added a 3faced prism to the accu serries, something so simmple could oppen up so many more possibilties when programming. I wonder how much $$ it costs to add a 3 faced prism w.moter etc.

yea it probably cost ADJ only 300 or 400$ to actually make the accu spot but to make profit they got to charge more. I think the reason ADJ can lower there products to the prices they offer is becouse they are in higher demand than highend (highend,M-a-r-t-i-n,Robe etc..) lights. Since there are so many Djs across the country/around the world that want good lights at a low price ADJ has a wider marketing area than most of the highend markets. Most of the highend markets only aim to sell to perminant locations (clubs/thearters) or huge road tours. There are more DJs/mobile services out there than there are clubs/Thearters etc (where highend lights are used). The highend companys have to make as much profit as they can per-light since they are not in as high demand.
Just some thoughts....
feel free to disagree...

The "highend markets" definitely aim at the DJ/Club scene aswell, particularly Robe and the forbidden M word.

Highend, or lets say "professional" products, are in high demand - possibly even more so than the amateur market. Clay Paky, Vari*Lite etc. charge what they do because their products are built of high quality.
Madmikey, Awesome video very professional, As well as the website very professional. You said you run the accus with the djspots, do the accus drown out the djspots? Is there a big difference in brightness? The accus spot has rotating gobos, can you control the speed of the gobo rotation, and how smooth/slow can it scan? I saw one at guitar center but it was always fast, it wasnt showing how slow and smooth it could go.
Just some questions
Appreciate it if u could get a video of the accus


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