Hello.  So both my MacBook (with Serato) and iPad (with MYDMXGO) share the same network, Serato "Link" is on, MYDMXGO sees and adds, and turns on the link just fine and the two apps are talking to each other.

However, MYDMX will not read the BPM from Serato and will not change it's BPM to match that of what I ave set in Serato.

However, Serato will read the BPM from MYDMX (which is defaulted to 120) - but this is backwards and useless.   Serato will do this when I press "Sync" in Serato then drastically altering the BPM of my music.  

Am I missing something here?  Thank you.

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Hi.  Thank you.  That video is for RecordBox and yes, it looks like it works just fine there.  I have Serato and it does not work as it does in that video tutorial.  There is a Serato/MYDMXGo Link video tutorial out there however in it the MYDMXGo BPM display does not link or change to Serato (is not a slave to Serato.)

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks all!


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