do you need to set addresses for the pocket scans or can you just plug them in and link them together and they will just go to the beat of the music. Also do these lights need dmx to run or once again can the just be plugged in?
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am pretty sure that you don't need dmx to run alone, you can just plug them in and put them on music mode and they will run there preset program to the beat of the music.

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sorry am not to sure about the addresses Roll Eyes
If you want them to be synced you plug them (AC and XLR cables) Then you set the first one as the master and the rest slaves. (Look in the manual for this) If you want all of them to do there own things just plug the ac plug in and turn up the beats.
That's if he is using the DMX Operator. For Pockets hold 100 before you power up, and when they power up, set the first fixture to S-F for fast or F-S for slow, and them set the other(s) to rEC...easy as that, I think. Smiler
DJ.Madness that is the correct method...Release the button when you see SF or SS (master)and let unit finish resetting, or rEC for the Slave units. Addressing is used with a DMX Controller ONLY!

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